Tuesday, March 27, 2007

On the Web

The May Report's Ron May posted the Web's first substantive reference to Coaccession on February 27, 2007. He mentioned Coaccession as an instance of Fast Pitch firms flying under the radar:

Some presenters appear to be flying well under the radar. For instance, I can't find a reference to Mark White's firm on the internet, Coaccession. Maybe you will have better luck than I did googling it.

Guilty as charged. Coaccession is too valuable to compromise by divulging publicly before the patent is pending. DLA Piper patents partner Blake Johnston said a pitch describing what Coaccession does could jeopardize European and Japanese patent rights. Not how Coaccession does what it does. What it does. Original thinking, apparently.

That was then, though. Thanks to Blake, I filed a solid provisional application on March 22, 2007. Method and system for implementing same. Figures. As much scope as the likely applications justify. Now I can appear on the radar! :-)

A note saying the same went out today to Ron, offering a scoop if he asks for it. We'll see. Even though Chicago's famous for its derivative contracts, Coaccession is probably not up Ron's alley.

Ron's reference turned up today as the first result in the latest of my occasional searches for words I've coined, such as Coaccession and Projuvenation. With a bit of activity on this blog, it should soon be the first result for Coaccession, just as the Projuvenation blog is now for that word. Time to get in gear. I can worry about coaccession.com later, just as I've put off using projuvenation.com. In the meantime, this blog can keep me as Google's top-ranked Coaccession page.

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