Thursday, November 17, 2011

“Being Part of the Solution in Detroit – Read All About It”

A. Alfred Taubman is a retailing genius. He's also the president of Detroit's Arts Commission. Here's hoping he'll recognize a spark of genius in Coaccession, because if he and Detroit Mayor Dave Bing lead a movement to mobilize the financial value of Detroit's most valuable asset, they can generate the funding to capitalize on Detroit's opportunity for an arts-led renaissance.

If he reviews the comments submitted to his blog, and decides to learn more about this one:

The City of Detroit faces a fiscal emergency now. The Detroit Institute of Art’s collection has enough financial value to resolve the City’s current financial problems and still establish a very substantial endowment to support the arts and humanities. Detroit should mobilize that financial value as long as it can do so without compromising the collection’s cultural value. Coaccession offers Detroit the best tool for accomplishing that goal and funding programs to raise its people’s literacy, numeracy and artistry.

... perhaps you'll see Detroit's assets funding Detroit's renewal.